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Sunday 9th July

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This week has been a bit of a crazy one, and I’m currently in the middle of a health scare. That may sound a bit dramatic, so I’m just gonna be upfront. I was with the GP on Tuesday and she has referred me to a dermatologist to get checked.

Sunday 25th June

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This week has been more overcast and not as sunny. Damn, there was even thunder and lightning at times. As the old folks would say after a few hours of sunshine, we need a good downpour (we probably didn’t, but we can’t argue with old wisdom/stubbornness). I found this

Sunday 18th June

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The heatwave this week in Northern Ireland has been great for the view from the balcony but the apartment has been a very hot place to live. It makes me miss the AC and all the fans in the Philippines. I was back in the office this week, which was

Sunday 11th June

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This was my first week back to work after a 5 week break in the Philippines. What is life? It was nice to get back to work - I did work from home, however, as I had a few appointments. But I also did miss the sheer freedom of not

Sunday 4th June

Last week’s latest
This week, I spent the first day travelling home from the Philippines. Leaving the Philippines is always a bit surreal as I always leave alone, leaving my husband there with his family. Visa process ongoing - this saga may be fleshed out in a future post. I’m sad to leave

Sunday 28th May

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Thanks for reading my first newsletter. I was inspired to start a weekly newsletter by the absolute gent Ali Abdaal. The newsletter will be a short way for me to communicate what I’m up to in the world, and what I’m engaging with, and maybe a little bit of some

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