Last Week's Latest

Sunny view from my apartment this week.

The heatwave this week in Northern Ireland has been great for the view from the balcony but the apartment has been a very hot place to live. It makes me miss the AC and all the fans in the Philippines.

I was back in the office this week, which was a blessing as the AC in there was amazing. Going back was great to meet people face-to-face again, and just to have a bit of craic. Hearing about a colleague's trip to Harry Styles at Slane and how horrible the camping experience was makes you really appreciate not having camped the weekend before.

A colleague also informed this week that she may consider learning how to drive. I was shocked as she was very adamant that she has no interest in learning how to drive. But a recent visit to a Medium who communicated with her Granny has changed her mind. Her Granny told her she has to learn to drive and when the time comes, to buy the white car. I'm very much looking forward to seeing if she does learn to drive.

I decided to book Christmas flights for the Philippines already. So the flights are booked, the work holidays are booked, and the airport car parking is booked. It's just sometimes really nice to get things booked early and know something good is coming.

What have I been up to this week?

🎙️Listening - Believe in Magic. This podcast is about a young girl who started a charity for young people who were very unwell to have special experiences such as going to see One Direction in concert or going to DisneyLand. The girl and her mother said that she had a cancerous tumour, but it was mostly a lie. And very confusing. I finished the 7 episodes in a day. Compelling stuff.

📱App - PrettyProgress. This is a small little app that makes a nice little countdown feature for me to just quickly glance and see the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds until I'm back in the Philippines. Absolutely not necessary, but such a nice addition to my phone.

📺Watching - Primo on Freevee. Primo is an autobiographical comedy about a kid growing up with his single mum and 5 uncles. It's just a great, feel good show. It's on Freevee which is a platform from Amazon that is free to view, no subscription required.

🎥Watching - Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Sadly I didn't get to watch this in IMAX as I left it too late. It was a great movie, so much action and the visuals are just fantastic. Can't wait until the third movie, which I hope is the conclusion of the storyline.

🎮Playing - Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shore DLC on PS5. This was released before I went on holiday, and I only got around to playing it now, and it was worth the wait. The DLC smashes the base game out of the park. The story is cute (spoiler: lesbians), the gameplay is a few notches better and the quests are varied and fun, even if a bit too few. It's also only on PS5 as the developers couldn't develop it for the PS4, and having played it I can understand why.

Hope everyone is having a great week! The heatwave is hopefully over, so for all my pasty readers, rejoice. For all the sun-worshippers, maybe take a leaf out of my book and book a flight.

All the best!